Tiger Zinda Hai First Day First Show: Salman’s Zealous Fans In The Cinema Show Has Your Own Swing

Tiger Zinda Hai First Day First Show: Salman’s Zealous Fans In The Cinema Show Has Your Own Swing

Salman Khan’s movie and singles screen cinemas. If this theatre is in old Delhi, then it will be good to sleep. The similar view was seen today at First Day First Show.

If Salman Khan’s movie Ho and Single Screen Cinemas, then this theatre is in Old Delhi, it is like having a good deal of gold. Today ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ sequel ‘Tiger Jinda Hai’ has been released. Tiger Salman was in the limelight for many days. There was an enthusiasm among his fans and it seemed that his new year has come today. Many young people in this theatre were seen in Human Tissue. Although this was a human being’s T-shirt copy, not original, but his love for Brother was sixteen. There was a glow on his face, and a welcome song on the lips.

the start of Tiger’s thrilling ‘Roar’ movie, Tiger’s entry and great fun for the fans. Dancing with the seats as well. As soon as Tiger opens his mouth and dialogue arrives: “Hunts do everything. But no one hunts better than Tiger.” The whole hall is buzzing with the thundering applause. After that, like the name of the fury of the fury of passion, it does not take the name of the storm. As Salman thunders the movie, his roar reverberates in the cinema house. Among the people who watched the movie, the gathering of youth was making the atmosphere even more palpable. At every dialogue, clapping on every pay of brother, brother and then Katrina’s arrival, many fans did not bother to take a pinch and ‘Sister-in-law … Bho …’ started shouting, they used to change the whole environment.

Salman Khan’s fans appeared in full swing after the film was filled with excitement and ruckus, and he also called ‘Once More … Once More’. However, this was not an insignificant show and this ruckus on First Row is only seen in Salman’s movie. A group of youth involved in the existing fences were saying in Josh, ‘Brother … have also taken tickets out of nine’. Of course, this was Salman’s passion that was dripping from his face, and the crowd coming out was looking exactly like Jung Salman did not fight


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